Monday, February 16, 2009

8 best things that have happened in the last 2 months.

Lets  be honest, no one wants to hear about the 8 worst things that have happened right?  
#1  We got a new puppy.  Bogart.  But we call him Humphry Bogart for short.  He is a french bulldog.   He loves to poop and pee on milo's rug, Chew on my furniture and bark at 6:30 in the morning.  But he is so dang cute.  We love him to pieces and he really is a sweet heart.  Any puppy advice?  I will take it. 


I put down flor tiles in my kitchen.  Whoever said carpet in the kitchen is the worst idea, I disagree.  I love that is takes me 1.5 minutes to vacuum  as opposed to 15 minutes it would have taken to sweep and mop.  I may change my mind after miles spills an entire plate of spaghetti or something equally as messy.  But as for now, I am in heaven.  


We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Crazy how time flies.


Jed graduated College!!!!!  Hallelujah.  He had an awesome show middle of December, that we had a great turn out to ( to be posted later).


We  celebrated by staying a couple night at hotel monoco and eating lots of yummy food.


Christmas was as lovely as I had hoped for. 


I cut my hair so I could look like this!  I look nothing like this, but my hair is similar.  


Jed took over the budget!  The best decision we ever made.  We found this helpful.