Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fantastic Four

A huge gigantic thank you to the fantastic four that helped out with the children ( one of those being our dog) while we were away.  You guys are the best.  Especially Auntie Mandie who took the hardest shift.  Miles during the day every day.  Auntie Holly for taking Bogart, My mom and Auntie Jessey for taking the night shift.  We had a great time in New York.  Mostly because we knew our posterity was in good hands.    

NYC pt.1

New York City, here we come.  Jed and I planned a trip to NY for both of our birthdays.  So we ended up going somewhere inbetween the two.  We took the red eye to JFK and got into Manhattan at about 6:30 am.  We spent most of the day in a no sleep daze wantering around the city, trying to figure out where we were and where we wanted to go. We ate breakfast in Time Square, and then stumbled upon the Today Show.  We hung out there until we saw a few faces we recognized.  We headed on down to 5th Avenue, FAO Schwartz.  We took a nap in central park.  We went to the Met, took another nap in central park.  We then retired early to New Jersey where we were staying for the week, thanks to our friends Matt and Jessica Stevenson, who lovingly let us stay with them.  

Friday morning we got up early to go surfing.  This  vacation surprisingly was a 2 for 1 package deal.  NYC vacation, and beach surfing vacation.  The waves were pretty good and the beach was super nice too.  
We went into the city after lunch and checked out the Statue of Liberty.  This one was mostly for Miles who told everyone we were going to see Lady Liberty.  
That evening we met up with our good buddy "The Dish"  She showed us a good time.  We went to a swing club that she frequents.  The night we were there, they were filming a commercial.  This did not help with the courage we were already lacking to get out on the dance floor.  They were in desperate need of fillers for the commercial.  I told them I would not dance for the commercial, so they used me as a.......I am not sure.  All i know is i was supposed to talk to some guy, pretend like the band was amazing, and they put a martini glass in my hand.  Don't worry, I didn't partake.  The night ended with a stroll through Time Square once again.  

NYC pt. 2

Saturday and Sunday were very low key.  We ate lunch at the infamous Shake Shack.  The line was out of control.  It wrapped half way around the park, across the street and down into the subway station.  Ok, not really, but it seemed that way, especially because Jed was hungry.  If any of you know my hubby, he needs to be fed.  My theory about long lines at food joints goes like this (and I had a lot of time to figure out this theory):  It is the sacrifice that makes the food so good.  The first of the line, all you can think about is how good this hamburger and fries are going to be.  By the middle of the line, you are like ok, this better be worth it.  When you finally see the end in sight you have yourself all psyched out about this hamburger, it didn't matter what they put in front of you, it was going to be delicious.  Not to mention you are famished.  So was the Shake Shack good?  YES!! it was delicious.  1 hour and 15 minutes delicious.  

After lunch we spent the whole day shopping in Soho.  Our goal was to find Jed a motorcycle jacket for his birthday.  Which we did, at the G Star store.  For Dinner we ate at Mooncakes for some yum - O chicken wings and dumpling soup.  

Sunday we spent the day in New Jersey with Matt and Jess.  We went to church, hung out on the beach,  Jess made a spectacular dinner, and we played a little beach volleyball.  Thanks Matt and Jess for giving us a sweet condo to stay in and some fantastic memories.  

NYC pt. 3

By Monday we were out of money, so we opted for the free entertaiment.  Brooklyn Bridge ( free).  We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It started out kind of disappointing, but by the time you got to the middle, it was pretty cool, I guess.  On the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge is a delightful pizza place "Grimaldi's"  We only had to wait in line for 45 minutes this time, but very tastey.  Afterwards, a walk down to the water where there is a fantastic view of the NY skyline, and a nice cold ice cream cone (which I would regret later...keep reading).  On the way back across the bridge I did encounter some difficulties.  We got about half way across the bridge, and my lactose set in ( I don't think I am really lactose intolerant, but I would image that the results would be similar).  I couldn't continue, each step I took, it got worse.  I was in a major pickle.  No bathroom in sight.  Literally, even when I would be getting off the  bridge, there are NO ( other than starbucks) public restrooms in NY.  I learned this quickly, to always make mental note of the nearest starbucks incase tragedy struck.  Anywho, you can see my dilemma.  If I stopped walking and sat down, it would momentarily subside, but the second I stood back up, it would be worse than before I sat down.  Starbucks seemed like a world away.  What was a girl to do.  I started panicking, sweating, I WAS NOT going to make it.  I started making plans of Jed going to the store to buy me new pants, but I liked these pants, they were just starting to grow on me.  What pants would i have him buy?  If I am going to buy new jeans in NY they better be good ones.  Not now, I have to focus!  Bathroom, where are you!  At this moment, I started to cry.  Nothing could be worse than the situation I was in right then.  Then I had a brilliant idea.  "Jed you have to carry me half way across the Brooklyn Bridge and to a Starbucks.  And not just carry me, RUN."  So that is exactly what the best husband in the world would do and did.  I jumped on Jed's back and he ran me and our two bags, to the nearest starbucks.  I wish upon a star I had a picture of that.  We were a sight to behold.  After the longest 5 minutes of my life, we made it to the starbucks.  Low and behold there were 10 people in line to use the restroom.  I offered each of those 10, cold cash to let me butt in line.  Turns out New Yorkers are nicer than you think.  They let me butt, and wouldn't take the $$.  They found my misfortune comical.  Whatever.....  I will always remember the strawberry banana smoothie at starbucks to be the best and most relaxing beverage I will ever consume.  And that is the end of that story.    

A little boring after thought:  We checked out Grand Central Station.  They are right about one thing, it is grand and it is central.  The New York Library.  Pretty cool.  We stumbled upon the Temple  in our search to get tickets to South Pacific.  Pretty cool.  We ate dinner at a super hip cafe called "Cafe Habana" in Soho, where we ate Corn Nacho Libre Style ( "Save some of that corn for me").  We retired early after an eventful day.   

Our last day we spent half the day trying to find me some shoes that didn't kill my feet, checked out  Greenich Village, and shopped at Century 21 (Ross times 2000).  It was too overwhelming,  Jed and I both were going crazy after 10 minutes.  But some serious deals for all you bargain shoppers.  Off to JFK and home sweet home.