Saturday, February 20, 2010

Disney Land

Jed had a job in Anaheim a few weeks back and he ended up staying at the Disney Land Hotel. We couldn't pass up a last minute trip to visit Mickey and friends. My mom, Miles and I hopped on a plane and spent 3 lovely warm days in California. I courageously bought 3 day hopper passes. Luckily the weather was fabulous and there were no crowds ( the first 2 days anyway). Poor Jed was stuck inside all day. We were able to see him during a 45 min. dinner break.

side note: while writing this post and drinking hot chocolate, I found a little green floatie in my hot chocolate which resembles a small piece of basil.... kind of nasty! That reminded me, the other day while at my mother's house in logan, I was eating a bowl a cereal for breakfast. I finished the cereal, looked down and saw a multitude of little brown bugs floating in the milk. After throwing up a little in my mouth, I started complaining to my mother. My darling little sister Jessey pipes up " oh, sorry, I forgot to throw that box away"........................ ( long pause with a glare)............not one of my finest moments. Just thought I would share!

Anyway, back to Disney. We were able to spend lots of time with Mickey and Goofy and Pluto because there was no one else there to demand their attention. Miles' favorites were It's a small world, the Rockets, Pluto, and chatting with people in line with us. Friendly little chap that miles is.