Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grandpa Great

Today MIles couldn't get enough of Grandpa Great. He kept running upstairs to visit grandpa. He insisted on sitting NEXT to grandpa. He sat there for about 10 minutes watching the news and eating peanuts. I am grateful he gets the opportunity to know his grandpa so well.


Shannon said...

I didn't know he was your Grandpa!! K. so he is like one of our Favorite people in the Ward! He is so awesome! Didn't he used to be in the Bishopric with Underwood?
I am so glad you like your hair! Thanks for teaching me Sweet Hair Cutting techniques.hee hee
Also we love Lagoon, it may be a little WT but the kids LOVE it, so if that is all we have then it will do til the days of Disneyland!

Michael said...
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Michael Costa said...

That's so cute!!!