Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Temple Square

I know I know, this is my last holiday post I promise.
This is our favorite thing we did this winter thus far.

Miles made some new friends at the cafe in the Joseph Smith memorial building

Miles loved the giant Joseph Smith, so we had to get a photo.

Let's zoom in and get a better look at that smile. I told Miles to smile really big for the camera. He hasn't quite mastered it yet

oh, precious and yes, the elmo slippers came along for the ride


Margaret said...

That pic of Miles made me laugh. He looks like a Beatle, during their "experimentation" era.

mortonfam said...

I can't stop laughing, that picture is hilarious. Smashing how you did the long shot and the close up, it made it truly hilarious. I already forgot about his long hair. You guys got great photos at TS! Nice.

mortonfam said...

okay, I looked at this again, just for a laugh, and it didn't let me down!

jordan said...

Miles reminds me of Ryder. making friends where ever he goes and the smile...oh the smile is just too funny. Ryder had his own variation but Miles's is hilarious.

Jenn Kirk said...

Miles is adorable. His 'smile' cracks me up. I love that pic of him hugging some random kid at the cafe. Little boys are the sweetest.