Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is my dad ( Grandpa Bill)

Did I mention Miles cut his hair?
Well, he did!!
He had told me he was going to wrap a present(which explains the scissors).
He returned with the front and top chopped. He said " Look Mom, now you can see my beautiful eyes"!
Yes, Yes, I can.
After I told him we would have to cut the rest off, he cried and cried. Pretty much all morning. His saddest moment was when he thought he was going to look like grandpa bill.


The Mortons said...

he is so handsome. and his hair is every moms dream! soooo handsome. i love the walls...you and amanda are so creative.

Mortons Love said...

Tell him don't worry, he looks MUCH younger than grandpa Bill...

Chelsea said...

Sorry, but that's funny! I love his fear of being bald. What a character!