Tuesday, October 9, 2007

General Confrence

It is tradition for us to watch confrence with the whole family. This weekend we were at my parent's house in Logan. We had a ton of fun. Confrence was awesome. What I got of it anyway. It is hard to listen the whole time with kids running around and screaming. I can't wait to get the November Ensign, so I can read and study the talks. It is great to be with the whole fam. I love them so much and It is great that we get to spend the time together.
In-between sessions on Sunday it is tradition to make my grandpa's famouse pancakes. Yum! Everyone stands around and critiques each other in the pancake cooking. It is pretty funny. Jed doesn't have many years of experience, but he is getting pretty good. He looks a little evil in this picture. HA HA

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