Thursday, October 4, 2007

Grandma Dedee's

Miles and cousin Polly went exploring down in Grandma's Gully. I am sure this won't be the last time


Kara's Blog said...

Milo is so so so cute. He looks a lot like you. Just so you know.. I will be stalking your blog now for more updates. Jed's website is also really cool, he takes very creative pictures. Let's get Margaret to start a blog!!

Matt, Lori, and Maya said...

What cute pictures!!! I like the one where you can see all of his bottom teeth! I also love the cousin pictures! So cute!!! What is Miles going to be for Halloween??

Jedediah said...

i miss you guys and i will see you tomorrow. It looks llike Ihave trained you well love. Great pictures. I like the one of him down in the gulley. Kind of reminds me of the hills in Ireland. (seriously)